SPECTRUM: Putting The UNITY Into CommUNITY, Creating A Place For Everyone

SPECTRUM  uses the seven strands of diversity (age, race, gender, disability - learning, mental health and physical; sexual orientation and gender identity, faith and or religion and social class) model to create a community space where everyone is welcomed. Spectrum advocates partnership working but goes beyond that model to proactively create programmes, events and environments in which everyone has a place and a say.

The above image shows hands holding the earth, the globe, our world, in our hands. Significantly the hands are diverse and the right to take part, as well as, the responsibilities associated with taking part, are equally shared. Furthermore, the fact that  here the globe is represented as a circle, rather than a sphere, evokes the universal symbolism of the circle which represents many things, including the following:
Summarising the above, Spectrum sees the circle as representative of  the inclusivity of the universe and the source of the energy which underpins our ethos, as a part of, The Circle of Life.


To add you voice to the LIBERTY Campaign copy and paste the Tweet below and post to your Twitter feed

We've already got a “British Bill of Rights” – it’s called our Human Rights Act.  Help us #SaveOurHRA.

New well-being support group at the Mandela Centre, supporting people in Normanton, Pear Tree, Arboretum and beyond.

 Derby Soup Project 

Derby Soup is a collective community meal and micro-funding project, bringing us together to share a meal and raise funds for small, community-led projects that make Derby better.

At a SOUP event the community comes together to hear from different projects seeking to create social good and to share a meal as a  community. Those who come along donate what they can (suggested donation is £5, but we realise that not everyone can afford that amount) eat delicious,' home made' food (not always soup), salad and bread, talk about the projects, our values, and what’s important to us. We make new connections and new friends. We vote for the project that we like the best, and at the end of the night, we donate our door takings to that project to help make it happen.

The first Derby Soup event ......Get Ready for the Revolution!

....More on events and activities are coming soon!

We are extremely pleased to announce our newest project, A.C.T. (All Communities Together) Against Hate which has been some time in the planning! This project is funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner's Office. The Project is being delivered by a multi-dimensional team with skills and experience working across human rights, the disability, the LGBT sectors and with/within diverse communities.

The project is be based in the Normanton and Peartree areas of Derby but we will also undertake some work in the County. We have some ambitious plans, using some innovative approaches to raise awareness of hate crime and especially in providing support (face to face) for victims and their families.  Watch this space for information and updates....

In the meantime, while you wait why not be among the first people in Derby and Derbyshire to sign up to our Stand Up Against Hate Crime Zero Tolerance Pledge.

Click on the click onto the Hate Crime Pledge Page to the left side of your page or cut and paste the following into your browser

For information please contact the ACT Against Hate Crime Team on 0133 347066. We look forward to seeing you there.


Are you doing the rights thing for yourself? And, what about for other people? The human rights rule of thumb is best seen in terms of the following statement "My rights end when they begin to affect the rights of another person". Please join us in doing "The Rights Thing".  Just in case you are still asking "why should I care?" here is a word from Martin Niemöller, written in 1947.

Martin Niemöller Poem


They came for the Communists,


I didn't object - For I wasn't a Communist;

They came for the Socialists,


I didn't object - For I wasn't a Socialist;

They came for the labor leaders,


I didn't object - For I wasn't a labor leader;

They came for the Jews,


I didn't object - For I wasn't a Jew;

Then they came for me -

And there was no one left to object.

Martin Niemoller, German Protestant Pastor, 1892-1984

AND From Edmund Burke

"Evil flourishes when good PEOPLE do nothing." Edmund Burke (original reads 'men')

The RIGHTS that we have (which are enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent, International, Regional and National legislation) belong by definition to everyone who is human. In OUR history we see consistent examples of attempts to define and re-define who is, and, who is not human...from Racial Hierarchies and Eugenics (the proposed improvement of the human species by encouraging or permitting reproduction of only those people with genetic characteristics judged desirable) to Genocide and Sociocide. The time has come to move away from examining difference with the sole purpose of establishing hierarchies, isolating and discriminating, towards the examination of what we have in common, Our Humanity. It will only be through collective effort that we can effectively work towards putting the human back into human rights.

World Peace Day

World Prayer for Peace in 101 languages

May Peace Prevail On Earth - Voices calling for peace to prevail on earth in 101 languages of the world

Incredible Film on one man's journey to make a difference


"A Pose Ad Esse,  Acta Non Verba: From Possibility to Actuality, Actions Not Words"

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