Engaging Communities Raising Victims Voices

A.C.T. (All Communities Together) Against Hate is a PCC funded project pilot project, developed to address the needs of victims by raising awareness, building capacity and creating safer communities in which hate crime is met with zero tolerance and the voices of victims are clearly heard. A.C.T. will address the harm of hate crime on three main fronts:
  • working to build victim/survivor voice and capacity;
  • working with perpetrators and those in danger of becoming perpetrators and communities to create allies
  • raise awareness and build a zero tolerance approach. 
Project Aims:
  • Raise the voice and platform to hate crime victims/survivors (and their families) 
  • Provide direct and indirect support for victims.
  • Empower victims and community members to take a stand against hate, harassment and bullying behaviour by incorporating new and existing understandings of hate crime under one powerful project message and public campaign.
  • Send a clear, unified message that hate crime will not be tolerated.
  • Work with existing partners and develop new partnerships in spreading the message
What we do:
  • Support victim/survivor (and their families) of Hate Crime in understanding what has happened and the criminal justice process, reporting and documenting incidents, advice and support.
  • Building victim/survivor voice and capacity;
  • Platform victim/survivor's experiences
  • Liaise with the police and other agencies to build partnerships
  • Signpost to other organisations/services
  • Raise awareness through proactive and reactive events, activities and training
  • Accept referrals from other agencies and organisations 

 A.C.T. Services:
  • Countywide Hate Crime Pledge
  • Training
  • ACT I Heal the Hate - for individuals families, carers
  • ACT II Acting Out - for Perpetrators and Communities 
  • ACT III Building Bridges – Restorative Justice Approaches and Methods to create change
  • Train The Trainer  - In Development
  • Support and advice - 24 hour Derby based Confidential Freephone 0800 043 1181, drop in and safe spaces
  • Stay Safe Scheme – safe spaces, organisations and places of business are asked to support the scheme by displaying a 'Safe Space Zero Hate Crime Zone' sticker
  • Provides places of safety for vulnerable people outside their home
  • Sticks and Stones and Words - Poetry Writing Competition aimed at Young People aged 11-18 Yrs 
  • Exhibition  - Hate Crime Awareness Week 2015 Saturday 10th October – Saturday 17th October: Output from the exhibition will be available to loan to schools and colleges 
  • Zero Tolerance on Hate Crime Campaign 
  • Third Party Reporting Centre - In Development
  • EradiHate Education Program – In Development

"A Pose Ad Esse,  Acta Non Verba: From Possibility to Actuality, Actions Not Words"

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