Aims/Objects of the Organisation 



Underpinned by the principles of reciprocity, respect, rights and responsibility based citizenship, the project aims to enhance community cohesion, well-being, and understanding across seven strands of diversity through the development of a centrally located community space and a personal and skill building programme which promotes common ground, resilience, well-being, reciprocity and self-help.


 Objectives of the Organisation 

1. Heighten aspirations, self-help and achievement through community empowerment, mentoring, skill-building, health and educational programmes. 

2. Reduce isolation through our outreach programme and engender more direct interaction between different communities (the seven strands of diversity model) and put the ‘UNITY’ into community. 

3. Engender cohesion and community spirit through celebration, reciprocity, self-help schemes (a skills exchange programme), a citizenship and human rights programme. 

4. Use the reciprocity, resilience, respect, rights and responsibility based citizenship model to  create and enhance well-being and create a sustainable healthier community in Derby and Derbyshire. 

5. To raise funds to support and develop projects and activities which will engender community cohesion and address hate crime and reduce hardship across the spectrum of diversity as it relates to age, gender (including gender identity) sexual orientation, disability (physical, mental health and intellectual) race, religion belief and social class. 

6. To increase local awareness of the in-group as well as out-group diversity by working with representative organisations and groups towards the elimination of discrimination, hardship and hate crime and notably through participation and partnership. 

"A Pose Ad Esse,  Acta Non Verba: From Possibility to Actuality, Actions Not Words"

Spectrum D, The Mandela Community Enterprise and Human Rights Education Centre (MCEHREC) 179 - 181 Pear Tree Road, DE23 8NQ. Tel: 01332 347066

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