Spectrum uses the seven strands of diversity (age, race, gender, disability - learning, mental health and physical; sexual orientation and gender identity, faith and or religion and social class) model to create community spaces where everyone is welcomed and respected. Spectrum advocates partnership working but goes beyond that model to proactively create programmes, events and environments in which everyone has a place and a say and in which self-help and the five Rs (rights, responsibilities, respect, resilience and reciprocity) are catalysts towards putting the UNITY back into CommUNITY.  

Participate       Connect       Transform 
  • Engender community participation and proactive citizenship through communication, education, innovative projects and programmes 
  • Connect people and places from across the diversity spectrum towards stronger more cohesive communities
  • Transform lives and experiences by building resilience, self-help and common ground.
  • Campaign against HATE and Hate Crime

Our Values:
  • Honesty
  • Excellence
  • Commitment
  • Ownership
  • Recognition
  • Community Service
  • Professionalism
  • Personal development
  • Human Rights, Equality and inclusion

"A Pose Ad Esse,  Acta Non Verba: From Possibility to Actuality, Actions Not Words"

Spectrum D, The Mandela Community Enterprise and Human Rights Education Centre (MCEHREC) 179 - 181 Pear Tree Road, DE23 8NQ. Tel: 01332 347066   Email:spectrumderbyshire@gmail.com

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